Mission Statement

In support of the Department of Access Services mission the Professional Development Program (PDP) provides all members of the department the opportunity to expand their knowledge base, enhance their skills and advance their careers. PDP activities are developed and delivered through a staff driven collaborative process.

Vision & Program Structure

To support our vision of Professional Development for our employees we continually offer ISTs and Workshops under a set of Strands. Strands are overarching categories of Professional Development that help guide employees to which areas they want to improve in. Below is a fleshed out list of all of our Strands and some examples of programming under them.

  • Leadership Strategies
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Emptional Intelligence
  • Promotion Readiness
  • New Staff Orientation
  • Community Building
  • Inclusive pedagogies
  • Power of stories
  • Intercultural conversations
  • Bias
  • Power, Priviledge, and Oppression
  • Remote Interpreting
  • Self-Care
  • Biomechanics
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Stretching Techniques
  • Processing skills
  • Listening skills
  • Memory and retention skills
  • Language Fluency
  • Discourse Management
  • Register
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Distance Mentoring
  • Apprentice Mentoring
  • Student Interpreter MentoringASL Consultants
  • STEM
  • Art
  • Deaf Culture
  • Business
  • Computing
  • Real Time Captioning & Note-taking Programming